Comprehensive Annual Gynecological /
Well Women Check Up

Contrary to popular belief, an annual gynecological check up can be both enjoyable and informative.

Dr. Sima Aidun, at Natural Solutions for Women’s Health designed your visit to be a combination of education, examination and consultation.

1. Education:


Studies show that regular Breast Self Exam (SBE), combined with an annual exam by a doctor improves the chances of detecting cancer early.

Examining your breasts is an important way to find a breast cancer early, when it’s most likely to be cured. Not every cancer can be found this way, but it is a critical step you can and should take for yourself. Not all women want to do a breast self-exam (or “BSE”), and for many the experience is frustrating—you may feel things but not know what they mean.

During your annual exam visit, Dr. Aidun will go over the “how to do” of the breast exam. You also get a chance to practice what you learned on a breast model with abnormality. The goal is to give you the knowledge, comfort and confidence, so you can perform your monthly self breast exams effectively, without frustration.

Reproductive system:

Overview of your female reproductive organs, menstrual cycle and the hormonal changes your body is going through during your specific reproductive age. Model and graphs will be used as visual aid.

2. Exam:

Include: Breast, pelvic (palpate ovaries and uterus), Pap smear, urine test, abdominal, thyroid, cardiovascular and respiratory system.

3. Consult:

Besides performing the exam, you will have your time to discuss your health concerns with Dr. Aidun. When making your appointment, please let us know if you need extra consult time to discuss your health concerns.

If indicated, we may order yearly blood work that screens for female hormonal evaluation, thyroid hormone evaluation, and heart disease. If appropriate, other important screening tests such as mammogram, and bone density will be ordered.

Please call 480-451-1602 and ask the front desk personnel to make an appointment for your yearly exam.

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