Fertility Challenges for Women – Never Give Up!

Fertility challenges for women:

Never give up campaign

The journey to motherhood comes easy for some, but unfortunately, not so easy for others. If you’re heart’s desire is to become a mother, and you’ve been trying, it can be devastating to discover you fall into the latter category.

I have been working with infertility specialists for the past 15 years, and working with this group not only requires medical understanding, but also the emotional understanding of the challenges women struggling with infertility have to overcome. It’s a hard road and can be a very lonely place. Often, women dealing with the disappointment of being unable to conceive, or the unspeakable heartbreak of suffering miscarriages keep this pain to themselves. When asked questions like “When are you going to have kids?” or “Do you have children?” they smile and respond with excuses like they’re “focused on their career” or “want to travel first”. They will say anything in desperate hope the intrusive questions will stop while they can keep up the facade, and not burst into tears. Understanding the deep emotional connection to this particular medical struggle has had me passionately devoted to finding reasons why some women’s journey toward motherhood is filled with obstacles. I have the highest respect for these women. The path to motherhood that’s been laid before them puts their mind and body on a vulnerable journey.

The journey starts with a dream. The dream of starting a family, carrying, birthing, nurturing and raising a child you can call their own. They assume nature will take its course, and enjoy the excitement, but after a few months of negative pregnancy tests, doubt and worry take hold. They may begin thinking they just need to relax, and then it will happen. But months turn into years and emotional sadness or depression starts to set in. Women who find themselves in this situation are under a tremendous amounts of pressure. They have the added confusion of how they can make their body in the best shape possible to get pregnant, and stay pregnant. In attempts to find ways to do so, they find themselves in the middle of controversial and contradictory information gathered from the internet. Those who do have confidants, often receive unwanted advice and insensitive remarks from well-intentioned friends and family. Most women who struggle with infertility have researched, tried or considered all types of “cures”, from the medically traditional to every old wives tale they’ve come across. Sadly, self-blame and guilt tend to become the result when none of these “cures” work.

As I always say, finally after so many years, my prayers have been answered and my insistence has paid off. I was introduced to concept of Genomix testing. Genomix testing is the missing link, a supportive strategy in the pursuit of a successful pregnancy.

The concept is nothing but a forgotten common sense! Genomix looks at the foundation of each person’s body biochemistry, their specific genes in charge of; inflammation control, detoxification capacity, methylation productivity, mitochondria functionality and neurotransmitter’s balance. Examining the genes and their effectiveness, or lack of affects the over health, resilience and reproductive system of the mom-to-be (and dad-to-be) in a very personalized way. This approach takes the guesswork out of the equation, and because the approach is so uniquely individualized and targeted, it reduces the stress caused by the unknown. Hopeful parents become empowered by understanding their own genetic make up, and are given tools to overcome those related weaknesses. Basically, Genomix identifies how their body may be failing them from root genetic causes. This approach is specially is helpful for cases where no issues prohibiting pregnancy can be found.

Women who struggle with infertility find that journey to motherhood can be a very lonely experience, but I am privileged to take this journey with them and be their partner on this path.

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