Testosterone Replacement Therapy in Scottsdale

Many common symptoms of aging in men are caused by low testosterone. This is a condition marked by diminishing levels of the primary male sex hormone that is produced by the testes. Dr. Aidun offers testosterone therapy in Scottsdale to restore hormone levels and help men overcome the symptoms of aging.

What is Testosterone Therapy?

Testosterone therapy is a form of hormone replacement therapy that is primarily for men. While women also produce testosterone and may become deficient in the hormone, males possess more than 10 times the amount of testosterone as females.

The goal of testosterone therapy is to restore hormones to their pre-aging levels. There are several ways that testosterone therapy is administered:

  • Intramuscular injections
  • Testosterone patches
  • Testosterone gels
  • Oral tablets

Dr. Aidun will determine how best to administer testosterone therapy for your needs.

Benefits of Testosterone Therapy:

  • Increased sex drive
  • Improved sense of well-being
  • Reduced irritability
  • Better cognitive function
  • Improved memory
  • Corrected erectile dysfunction

Who Benefits from Testosterone Therapy?

Testosterone therapy is ideal for men who are going through andropause, or male menopause. Andropause is a transitional time during which hormone levels drop and men begin experiencing symptoms associated with age.

Dr. Aidun will determine if testosterone therapy is a viable option for you by measuring the amount of testosterone in your blood. Testosterone levels fluctuate throughout the day with their highest levels generally occurring in the early morning.

Testosterone therapy is generally not recommended for men with a history of prostate or breast cancer.

Special Considerations for Testosterone Therapy

Testosterone therapy is regarded as a safe and effective form of antiaging treatment. The side effects of testosterone therapy are generally mild and vary depending on the type of hormone replacement therapy used.

Potential side effects of testosterone therapy include acne, oily skin and weight gain. Dr. Aidun will discuss all potential side effects with you prior to prescribing testosterone therapy.

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