Men’s Health in Scottsdale

Dr. Sima Aidun is proud to offer patients her medical knowledge and expertise concerning the modern-day issues of Men’s Health. Men in Scottsdale determined to take charge of their own well-being and physical health may wish to consider the benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy by seeking Evaluation for Low Testosterone.

Learn more about Dr. Aidun’s integrative approach to men’s health in Scottsdale by exploring the treatment options below.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

When androgen deficiency of the aging male (ADAM) is treated by testosterone therapy in Scottsdale, symptoms caused by androgen deficiency can be expected to vanish or be ameliorated. This may require some time depending on the target organ, but the effects on mood and sexuality are usually seen within weeks.

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Evaluation for Low Testosterone

Low testosterone can be the cause of more than the most commonly associated symptoms such as a reduced libido, fatigue or increased fat around the waste. It can also be a key contributor to some quite serious health issues, such as bone-loss and osteoporotic fractures.

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