What We Do for Breast Cancer Patients

It is not uncommon to encounter anecdotal instances in support of the idea that complete cures of breast cancer can be achieved entirely from alternative modalities of healing. In reality, such events are quite rare. For this reason my advice regarding breast cancer is that when one hears of such stories, while maintaining a sense of optimism and hope, it is imperative to listen\read\watch very carefully to learn ALL the facts of the case and always keep in mind that such claims may not at all be proven.

When dealing with a potential breast cancer diagnosis, the presence, extent and nature of the cancer must first be objectively established and a treatment strategy devised accordingly. It is also key to recognize that the individual cancer experience is unique and that different individuals will not always have the same reaction to a diagnosis and may not seek the same goal in healing.

Some of the key aspects of the Breast Cancer journey develop during the recovery and maintenance phase. Standard cancer treatment (i.e.; chemotherapy and radiation) can leave some areas of the patient’s health -cardiovascular, bone, digestive system and reproductive organs- in a compromised state.

At Aidun Medical, we do not provide direct treatment for cases of breast cancer. Instead, we help patients deal with the breast cancer phenomenon with natural and safe supportive therapy with the aim of:

  1. Helping cope with the physical side effects of cancer treatments, such as nausea, pain and fatigue
  2. Achieving comfort and easing the worries and anxieties of cancer treatment and related stress
  3. Establishing a sense of empowerment by allowing the cancer patient to take steps to help with their own care
  4. Regain and maintaining overall health during the recovery and maintenance phase

We look forward to being a part of your journey of success!

Dr. Sima Aidun, N.M.D. serves as a board member of the Arizona Institute for Breast Health (AIBH). AIBH is a nonprofit organization, comprised of experts in the field of breast cancer providing free of charge second opinion to breast cancer patients.

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