Office Visits

How can I justify the out-of-pocket cost of an office visit to see Dr. Aidun instead of seeing my doctor who takes my insurance?

Let us make a simple comparison, in addition to highly specialized service that is focused on specific health conditions, you will have:

  • a minimum of an hour with the doctor which is spent taking a complete medical history as well as a physical exam to drive to the root cause(s) of your problem(s)
  • access to the doctor via phone and e-mail as long as you are a patient at this practice
  • timely front desk response to your needs
  • an approach that is centered around the process of educating the patient regarding her/his health condition and treatment –patient empowerment

We fully recognize the fact that this is a choice you make based on your priorities and we want to make sure to deliver the best service and care every patient deserves and should expect.

How many office visits should I expect?

For most cases that are not complicated, the series of visits go as follows:

  • first visit: full patient history is taken followed by a complete examination, Q&A/patient education then a discussion of any tests that maybe necessary. Test orders will be place at the end of first visit
  • second visit: follow up to discuss lab/imaging results and treatment options in detail
  • third visit: follow up and evaluation of treatment implemented after which adjustments are made if necessary

The necessity for any additional visits would depend on the complexity of the case.

I am located far from your office, does Dr. Aidun provide phone consults?

Yes and no! Reasonable standard of care dictates that a complete examination be performed prior to the pursuit of any treatment regimen. For this reason, the first office visits should always be in person in order to achieve a proper diagnosis and evaluation. Follow-ups can be arranged via phone consults per Dr. Aidun’s discretion; adjustments to treatment very often require a physical examination. Remember, it is all about your safety and our imperative to NOT DO HARM.

Cost Model

The cost of each office visit is due at the time of the visit. We do provide you with the proper documentation, including forms as well as directions as to how fill out the forms, to submit your claim to your insurance company for reimbursement.

To discover your path to wellness and schedule a health assessment, contact us today.