We are not direct insurance providers, which is why we have the luxury of providing our patients with an enhanced health care experience that focuses on individualized care, attention to detail, and time spent working closely with each patient. For added convenience, we’ll gladly provide you with forms to submit to your insurance carrier.

Please note, if you have PPO insurance, your labs and/or imaging studies should be covered by insurance as long as your insurance company and plan have a contract with the lab and imaging studies provider. For those parties who do NOT have insurance or have a high deductible, we are able to provide you with discounted pricing on high quality testing as we do have our own direct agreement in place with a laboratory services.

Below, we are providing answers to frequently asked insurance-related questions. We hope that you find this information helpful:

Are your office visits covered by my medical insurance policy?

Naturopathic medical doctors are “out of network” providers. For those covered by a PPO plan, this typically means that while our services are not directly covered by your policy, you may be able to receive reimbursement from your insurance company. We will provide you with the proper documentation to submit to your insurance company as part of your reimbursement request.

What about labs and imaging(mammogram, ultrasound, bone density, CT, MRI, etc), are they covered by my medical insurance policy?

Most health insurance companies have in-place agreements with the major laboratories (i.e.; Sonora Quest and LabCorp.) and imaging centers (i.e.; SMIL, SimonMed) in the valley. If you have a PPO plan, then the cost of the lab and/or imaging work is normally covered. The amount paid by your insurance company will depend on the particular terms of your plan as well as the amount of the deductable.

What if I have a PPO plan but with a high deductible which I have not met?

We do work with discount labs around the Valley who are able to provide their testing services at a lower cost without compromise to the quality of service.

What if I have an HMO or a Medicare plan?

HMO/Medicare plans DO NOT Cover the cost of the lab and imaging. However, we can provide you with the name(s) of the specific lab/imaging work needed which you can then have your Primary care physician or other provider under the HMO/Medicare plan order for you.

I do not have any insurance

We make every effort to save our patients on the out-of-pocket cost of their healthcare. As previously mentioned, we do work with “discount” labs that provide quality service at considerable discount pricing.

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