Dr. Sima Aidun N.M.D.

Dr. Sima AidunBy now I am sure you have researched many other physicians’ websites. Very often following the initial web searches and phone calls, patients are still left with a lingering question/wish; could we possibly meet the healthcare provider to see if we “click”? Though I welcome a short introductory visit with my prospective patients, I believe you would also find it helpful if I provide a description of my personal approach to diagnosis and treatment of disease. Hopefully it will match your needs and philosophy as well.

First, a little about naturopathic medicine. In Arizona, naturopathic physicians are licensed by the state via the State of Arizona Naturopathic Physicians Board of Medical Examiners and as such meet the requirements to be primary care doctors. During the post graduate training received by a naturopathic doctor, a combination of alternative as well as traditional medicine is taught. Once in practice, naturopathic doctors adopt different approaches in addressing disease and treatment; some follow a purely natural medical path for the evaluation and treatment of disease while others place great emphasis on traditional medicine as a tool for diagnosis and treatment.

My medical philosophy is one drawing upon both traditional medicine as well as naturopathy. In my diagnosis and assessment of a patient’s health concern(s), I follow the “gold” standard of care and use, placing emphasis on tests such as urine and blood analysis and imaging such as mammogram, ultrasound and CT scans. I tend not to rely upon the “non-gold” standard processes and procedures that may otherwise be described as experimental or theoretical such as saliva tests, thermograms, live blood analysis, organic acid testing, etc.

In treating my patients, I believe safety comes first -remember “natural” doesn’t always imply safe- followed by those treatment methods that have an empirical track records of efficacy. This could be a treatment regimen comprised solely of natural modalities or it could be one reliant strictly on pharmacological medication. Very often a combination of both treatment approaches is deemed necessary.

I invest a substantial amount of my time and effort on improving and building upon my existing knowledge by using reputable medical sources as opposed to following FAD treatments and programs promoted by the media or famous celebrities! (for example: the HCG diet or a latest pellet therapy brought to you via infomercials, etc). And when necessary, I do work closely with other medical professions to make sure the best health care is delivered to you.

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