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Dr. Sima Aidun N.M.D.

Dr. Sima Aidun N.M.D.By now I am sure you have researched many other physicians’ websites. Very often following the initial web searches and phone calls, patients are still left with a lingering question/wish; could we possibly meet the healthcare provider to see if we “click”? Though I welcome a short introductory visit with my prospective patients, I believe you would also find it helpful if I provide a description of my personal approach to diagnosis and treatment of disease. Hopefully it will match your needs and philosophy as well. Learn more about Dr. Sima Aidun »


We are not in-network providers. This means that our services are not directly covered by many medical insurance policies. On the other hand, we have the luxury of providing our patients with an enhanced health care experience that focuses on individualized care, attention to detail, and time spent working closely with each patient. For added convenience, we’ll gladly provide you with forms to submit to your insurance carrier. Learn more about Insurance »

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