Bioidentical Hormone

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is the leading form of antiaging treatment for women entering menopause. Dr. Aidun offers hormone replacement therapy as part of her comprehensive antiaging program in Scottsdale.

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Testosterone Therapy

Low Testosterone is the primary cause of aging related symptoms in men. Dr. Aidun offers testosterone replacement therapy in Scottsdale to help men experience increased energy levels, improved sex drive and overall better health.

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Thyroid Replacement

Thyroid replacement therapy is the leading form of treatment for hypothyroidism, or an underactive thyroid, which causes symptoms like weight gain, hair loss and fatigue. Dr. Aidun offers thyroid replacement therapy in Scottsdale.

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Welcome to Aidun Medical, LLC

Traditional and Naturopathic Medicine in Scottsdale, Arizona

An important aspect of the integrative health care model is the existence of mutual referral collaboration between Modern Medicine (M.D.) and Naturopathy (N.M.D.). Over the course of years of practicing medicine in Scottsdale, I have established a close professional relationship with experts in the fields of gynecologyendocrinologybreast imagingthyroid imaginginternal medicineoncology and surgery, who share my basic philosophical approach in caring for patients.

With the patient’s complete medical history as my starting point, I utilize the scientific application of gold standard testing and imaging to reach a proper diagnosis following which, an evidence based natural medical approach is integrated with modern medical science, including the use of prescription medication when necessary, to target the specific underlying cause(s) of the issue.

We empathize, listen and believe in your  intuition and dignity.

There are a number of goals for maintaining this type of collaboration, chief among them is to maintain the same high quality of care throughout the entirety of your treatment experience.

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Our Treatment Modalities

  • Hormone Replacement
    • Bio-identical compounded hormones
    • Thyroid Medication
  • Natural Medicine
    • Physician grade clinically designed supplementation
    • Acupuncture
    • IV Therapies
  • Pharmaceutical agents as needed

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