Integrative Endocrine Care

The Endocrine System

The endocrine system is essentially the body’s system of glands, each of which produces a type of hormone for the purpose of regulating the many aspects of body function such as metabolism, mood, physical growth and mental development among many others.

Could your symptoms originate in the endocrine system?

Fatigue, weight gain, and mood swings are among the common symptoms with which individuals experiencing endocrine issues do battle. These symptoms are often attributed to life style or stress with the implication that the individual faces a choice between drastic changes in life style versus simply living with the symptoms. My personal observation and experience have led me to conclude this to be a false choice for a large majority of cases. Indeed, since these symptoms may well have underlying hormonal roots, proper testing and diagnosis leading to a safe treatment regimen is the appropriate choice.

What is integrative endocrine care?

The scientific application of gold standard testing and imaging are combined with the patient’s complete medical history to reach a proper diagnosis following which, an evidence based natural medical approach is integrated with traditional medical science, including the use of prescription medication when necessary, to treat the specific underlying cause(s) of the issue.

An important aspect of the integrative health care model is the existence of mutual referral collaboration between the traditional medical community (M.D.) and naturopathic medical doctors (N.M.D.). Over the course of years of practicing medicine, I have established a close professional relationship with experts in the fields of gynecology, endocrinology, breast imaging, thyroid imaging, internal medicine, oncology and surgery, who while possessive of great expertise in their fields, also share my basic philosophical approach in caring for patients: they empathize, listen and believe in the patient’s intuition and dignity. There are a number of goals for maintaining this type of collaboration, chief among them is to maintain the same high quality of care throughout the entirety of patient experience.

My personal approach and goal

The best way to describe the way I practice is in terms my analytical approach. As I conduct my interviews, I am mindful of the patient’s first hand detailed account of the symptoms and her overall state of health and the fact that the patient is the only one to have lived in her body and experiences the symptoms! I then perform physical exam, order labs, gather medical records from other physicians as relate to the case. Only after an assessment of the totality of data am I ready to make my case! My immediate goal is the proper diagnosis followed by a well-formulated, safe and effective treatment plan. My ultimate goal is to help my patients achieve the best quality of life that is possible for them.

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