Testosterone, an Introduction

Testosterone is one of the hormones from the androgen group of hormones. Although testosterone is produced by the male (testes) AND the female (ovaries) body, it is present in the male body at over ten times its production volume in the female system (note: the adrenal gland also produces small amounts of testosterone in both sexes).

The presence of testosterone affects various areas of growth, development and maintenance in the human body. At puberty, the male body experiences a surge in testosterone production. Since it is the primary sex hormone and anabolic steroid, the result is the development of secondary sexual characteristics -increased muscle mass, deepening of the voice, body hair, a marked increase in sex drive, etc.- which remain throughout a man’s life and as such become part and parcel of the male identity. Testosterone is also essential in certain aspects of health and well-being such as the maintenance of cognitive health and prevention of osteoporosis, among others.

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